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Since our inception in 1998,
we have grown phenomenally, due to committed community support.

In June 2015 the LCSA established a Service Centre/ Luncheon Club at Pastor Gonos church – corner Primrose Street and 19th Avenue. At present, the centre operates On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Educational, promotional and preventative programmes are provided. Talks on Alzheimer’s, dementia, anxiety & stress relief, drug addiction and legal matters such as the importance of drawing up of a will, abuse of the elderly and rights of the elderly are aspects that have been covered. Daily exercises and laughing therapy appropriate to their own needs are included.

Medical practitioners are invited to provide talks on general well-being and health care. Optometrists and opticians conduct eye tests to check vision of each member Recreational activities, excursions, to keep them healthy and prevent loneliness form part of the program. Knitting and beadwork have been introduced. The group has commenced knitting a blanket for Mandela Day.

Counselling services to the senior citizens who experience personal crises are offered by the social worker. Daily nutritional meals are provided to prevent illnesses. Blood pressure and sugar testing are done once a month.

All these activities are in line with the Older Persons Act and the programmes enable the aged to live independently for as long as possible and to promote the healthy lifestyle of our senior citizens. These get-togethers provide for the physical, social and emotional upliftment of the aged and are very therapeutic in nature.

Although our community members provide much needed support, care is costly, and we still look to other sponsors to help cover our necessary overheads to ensure that we provide adequate care to as many senior citizens who need it. We also receive grants from the South African government but due to the impact of Covid-19, this has come to a halt. This has placed us in a serious situation with complicated risks for our seniors.

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Account Name: Ladium Care Services for the Aged

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We also issue Section 18A certificates.

NPO Number: 095-235-NPO