Actively involved in the promotion and enrichment of the lives of the aged

The Laudium Care Services for the Aged is a non-profit initiative and is actively involved in the promotion and enrichment of the lives of the aged.

We aim to promote ageing gracefully by focussing on active ageing, home based care and social services as outlined by the South African Department of Social Services.

The aged, through the process of living their lives and experiences, have inevitably become old. They were once young and vibrant and contributed socially, economically and morally in order to lay the foundations for a sound value system in our societies. The continuity of life itself emanates from the aged — yet we tend to overlook these people. Seniors throughout our communities  have the desire to see their remaining years on earth being lived independently  with grace and dignity. Let us try to bring some joy into the limited life spans of  the frail and aged. It is not their privilege but their right to receive all the comforts  that life has to offer.


To be able to provide continuous assistance as well as a supportive environment in which our elderly can age gracefully.


To enhance the quality of life for adults as they age by enabling them to maintain their health, well being, independence and participation in the community. We fulfil this mission within the community by developing and providing innovative programmes in health, social service, creative arts, community and professional education.

Our Objectives

  • Generic Social Work Services to Older person.
  • Health Care Referrals / Services to frail and homebound older persons
  • Active Ageing programme for the benefit of older persons to encourage ageing gracefully. These
  • Programmes are conducted in the sub-economic areas in order to reach out to the target group.
  • Provision of food, grocery hampers and other essential items as the need arises.
  • Transport, blankets, and other necessities to alleviate poverty to the underprivileged Older Persons.
  • Placements in Old Age Homes/ Retirement Centers and Administration of Pensions/ Grants.

Board Members

Ahmed Essa Arbee

Ahmed Essa Arbee


Hafsa Carim

Hafsa Carim

Duputy Chairman

Amarlal Soma

Amarlal Soma


Vani Muthaya

Vani Muthaya


Mansukh Chhiba

Mansukh Chhiba

Deputy Secretary

Haseena Azmuth


Shameem Baksh


Thinash Gungadoo

Thinash Gungadoo


Ameer Adroos

Senior Citizens

Muraga Granny Mishasha

Muraga Granny Mishasha

Itereleng Liaison

Alli Milanzi


Tina Rafel

Tina Rafel


Executive Management and Key Personnel

Ruxmani Soma

Social Worker Volunteer

Salome Mahlabe

Salome Mahlabe

Social Worker

Betty Buthane

Betty Buthane

Social Auxiliary Worker

Tasneem Chipembere

Social Worker


  • Kuki Rampersad  
  • Nirrobhen Bhana      


  • Harshula Rowjee

HR Support

  • Zainub Sathaar

Laughing therapist

  • Jayesh Bhana

Bangladesh Rep

  • Boetie Baktawar

Geriatrics club

  • Jay Pema

Art of living volunteer

  • Aroona Jivan

Fundraising support

  • Nadia Joosub


  • White Blocks

  • Itireleng

  • Bangladesh Community Hall

  • Club Taj